From the colour of the inks used on the canvas, to the patterns that adorn the inner lining, these espadrilles are fully customizable. Giving the potential wearer a unique experience of being able to design their own handmade crafted piece.
In addition to the espadrilles, this artisan group also handcrafts colorful beaded bracelets, patterned bandanas, sturdy weekender bags and beaded clutches. Each product displays the intricate wealth of Kenyan craftsmanship, made with top-quality and responsibly sourced materials.
Being hand-made by entrepreneurial Kenyan women, the company appreciates the skill and effort that goes into these unique pieces and ensures them of a just wage which has in turn allowed them to provide for their families. All profits earned goes to a school attended by the children of these women that supports care for children with special needs.

The shoes here display a specialized craft which can be applied to your very own designs.

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