"Let's connect and talk about the world we could be creating."


ODETTE BLUM is a platform for 'humble luxury' connecting artisans and contemporary luxury.
We provide the following services.


ODETTE BLUM connects
ODETTE BLUM in essence is a connector of kindred spirits and exceptionally skilled hands around the globe; together we create a world of 'humble luxury'. How could your brand, art practice or craftsmanship connect with our highly specialised network?


ODETTE BLUM collaborates
In connecting her global network of artists, master artisans and top tier brands with a long-standing tradition of craftsmanship and sustainable design ethics and their clientele - both private and professional - designer ODETTE BLUM is an ideal partner to collaborate with on special products and projects.


a new context for your brand
ODETTE BLUM reaches high-end design customers worldwide with a specific taste for 'humble luxury', which represents a sense of timelessness and connectedness delivered through the hands of artists and master artisans. ODETTE BLUM's visual communication in colour themed moodboards allows detailed storytelling on the distinguishing features of your band, your craft or your art.


interior design services
Brands affiliated with the ODETTE BLUM platform for 'humble luxury' are predisposed to being used in commissioned interior design projects.


2D and 3D moodboards
ODETTE BLUM's signature colour themed 'humble luxury' moodboards offer potentially new directions for brands, artists and artisans alike. These autonomous moodboards can also be executed as 3D installations for brand manifestation purposes or, for example, for editorial photography.


the gallery / webshop
ODETTE BLUM sells an exclusive selection of works, objects and products by selected artists, artisans and brands affiliated with 'humble luxury' standards through her online gallery. In some cases customers can purchase directly from limited stock, but in most cases ODETTE BLUM acts as a consultant and mediator in the acquisition process.