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Founded by artists Paola Croso and Jejo Cornelsen, the Studio's work is about the passion for colours, old craftsmanship and the simple way of living. 
With age-old techniques brought by Italian ancestors arriving in Brazil in1922 and using nothing but a hand-crafted metal frame as their production tool, hundreds of tiles are daily crafted and manufactured by highly skilled tile-makers.
Reclaiming old tile frames and giving them new life with timeless colours, the Studio also creates bespoke designs and colours for clients that can be used on floors, walls and artistic panels.
A very sustainable production process, using natural day light and human energy, tile making involves also a lot of passion and commitment .
After pouring into the metal frames the liquid pigmented cement which will be then covered with sand, the tile is manually pressed and slowly unframed, magically appearing in the tile-maker’s hand.