Welcome to the Blumcollection, a one-of-a-kind online Concept Store and Lookbook, specializing in art, craft and design from around the globe.

Odette invites you to take a look through a different lens by creating Mood Boards. The worlds of nature, art, fashion and interior are connected. Some of the images are for sale. Click these Mood Boards to view these lovely items. 

Blumcollection Concept Store gives customers the opportunity to reserve and buy items which are all original or custom made.
Artists can present and sell their works in the Blumcollection.
The collaboration between Blumcollection and the artist or brand is close. If an item was no longer available, the artist of brand will inform us straight away. The item will be removed from the Blumcollection Concept Store.

Blumcollection Lookbook is a magazine, displaying a collection of furniture, fashion and pieces of art, personally chosen by Odette. View this Lookbook and find your favorites. You can link directly to the Concept Store to buy your choice. 

Come back soon; new items are added every week, so there is always something new to discover.
Would you love to receive personal advice? Please contact Odette.

Discover also the carefully compiled collection in the Blumcollection app created for iPad and iPhone.