As a consultancy we work with both large and small artisanal groups who originate from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds from around the world. The amount of orders that can be processed are group specific, and so if a larger group is involved more items can be produced. But we must be mindful of the fact that these items are handcrafted, so they require enough time to put in the effort that goes into these unique pieces.

By personally visiting the artisanal vendors we ensure not just quality of the product but are also able to establish understanding and respect for the craft, technique and legacy that goes into the creation of the item.

We work with groups that are part of the World Fair Trade Organization and by cultivating close relations with these master artisans we can ensure that we procure the best quality materials in the most ethical and sustainable way, thus facilitating a symbiotic relationship between maker and consumer.  Our aim is to support the artisans we work with, with fair and just work in turn prolonging the life of these ancient and precious crafts and traditions.