An acclaimed Dutch interior designer, Odette Blum created this platform to embrace her sensibilities as a designer and curator of beautiful objects from around the world.

The youngest daughter of a tailor, Odette wants to continue the legacy of those who work with their hands. She is constantly travelling and exploring artisanal rich places to develop meaningful collaborations with master artisans, artists and designers, connecting them to the world of comtemporary luxury.

She is interested in balance, extremes, paradoxes, contrasts and in truly distilling the essence of a place, an object, a colour, a texture. Her unique point of view digs deep into different layers finding the warmth, softness and wholeness of an object. She is after the soul.

Odette Blum creates a new world. A world where different voices understand each other and come together in a new language. This new language is not design; this new language is not craft; this new language is not fashion.

                                           This new language is Humble Luxury.